A Site Survey is a inspection of the land / site where work is proposed, to gather and to document information which can have an impact on the development on such area. It can determine a precise location, access, best orientation for proposed development on the site, soil types and the location of services, obstacles, rock outcrops, trees, etc. Identifying and precise positioning of restrictive clauses in Title Deeds, for example, servitudes, before any design can commence is very important.


The selection of a site for any building project should be done carefully by an experienced person. Site selection involves measuring the needs of a proposed project against the merits of potential locations.

Some of the factors which should be considered are –

  • Area in which it is situated with regards to the client’s needs
  • Views (and the necessity thereof)
  • The availability of transport facilities to meet the client’s needs
  • Civic services such as water supply, drainage sewers, electricity lines, telephone lines, etc.
  • Incline of site and soil types as well as possible obstacles which would hinder the building project
  • Size of site to suite the client’s need and proposed development thereof

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