Once we have been contacted by the client, we will arrange a client consultation which, in most cases will be conducted at your home or building site so we can discuss your requirements and ideas (client’s brief), assess these and give general advise on how to proceed and what we will need from you as client. We will advice on any need there may be for consultants, i.e. Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer, etc. and on how the entire planning process will develop. This we call the Initial Client’s Brief and it is free of charge.

After this meeting we will create a detailed quotation/contract for your consideration. On acceptance of these we will carry on with preparatory work such as to obtain and review copies of Existing Plans, Title Deeds (Client’s responsibility: Title Deeds can be obtained from your Transferring Attorney, bond financing Institution or the Deeds Office), SG-Diagram, Zoning Certificate and other planning information such as town planning guidelines from the Local Authorities and where applicable Estate Design Guidelines from the Homeowner Association (HOA) as may be necessary to determine the feasibility of the client’s requirements.

We will do a Site Survey to establish existing site conditions and carry on with Design Development which may include 2D and/or 3D Conceptual Drawings to consider orientation, space planning, circulation and site layout. We will arrange further meetings with you where we can present our design development to you and discuss suggestions, ideas and solutions and continue to develop the design up and until your approval of our Design Concept.

Once the Design Concept is approved by you, we will carry on to prepare a full set of drawings and applicable documentation to be submitted to Council for approval. These drawings are often coordinated with Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineer’s drawings and where necessary Working Drawings. Submission of the drawings and documents to Council can be done by you, the client or you can appoint us to do it on your behalf. We offer a full and comprehensive Plan-Walking Service to our clients. You can also appoint us for further and additional Project & Technical Support services with regards to your building project.

For more information on the process or to arrange a meeting please contact us.

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